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Usgobuy, travelling to us

Travelling to US (Wiki How)

If planning to travel to USA, it should be with agenda & plan but with some prerequisite.
Here are some guidelines for traveling to USA.

Visa and entry requirements
Visitors coming to the United States must have a valid passport, visa, or other accepted documentation. However, in an effort to attract more tourists, the US initiated the Visa Waiver program for those coming on vacation for a maximum of 90 days. With 36 countries participating, the program allows for select travelers to enter the US with only a machine readable passport. Recent increased security now requires all VWP participants to apply with the Electronic System for Travel Authorization.

Getting around the USA
Air travel is the quickest and easiest way to travel between major centers. Once you're in a given region or city though, driving is often the most convenient way to get around. In some cities, especially in the Northeast, public transit is the most efficient (and cheapest) way to explore.

Domestic flights
The largest and most popular airlines providing extensive coverage of domestic routes are American Airlines, Continental Airlines such as delta, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines.
It takes roughly six hours to fly non-stop between east and west coasts. Flights running north and south between coastal cities, such as routes between LA and San Francisco, take anywhere from one to four hours. Aggregator websites for discounted airfares are an easy way to simultaneously search several airlines for their best prices. Some, such as Momondo and Kayak, act as search engines just to review prices. Online travel agencies such as Orbitz, Travelocity, and Expedia let you compare costs and book tickets directly.
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